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Eco Trade Group Co.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the ecologicaly friendly product PEAT-SAPROPEL CONCENTRATE . Which is used in the manufacture of products for the agriculture and the reclamation of industrial and polluted areas.

Our activities include
  • Production of soil fertility activators
  • Production of plant growth stimulants
  • Production of humic feed additives
  • Production of ameliorants for reclamation
  • R&D in the field of soil, plant and environmental ecology


All our research and production activities are aimed at creating products that can keep the ecosystem safe for a normal existence in harmony with nature


Sapropel and peat deposits are found throughout the country, but the best are those that are far from cities and industrial centers. Such deposits are usually environmentally friendly, do not even contain traces of anthropogenic and technogenic impact. We mine in places that have passed preliminary research


The technology developed by us for processing organic waste of various origins does not require expensive unique equipment. Differs in compactness, ease of use, low energy consumption, full use of raw materials and short production times


The classical scheme of peat and sapropel processing is supplemented by innovative changes in our production, by introducing improvements in the cavitation technology process. This allows you to significantly increase the volume of products with a simultaneous improvement in quality indicators.


Determination of the proportions of the main types of raw materials, development of processing modes, optimization of the process of joint processing of peat, sapropel and other organic matter from livestock and poultry enterprises using industrial equipment, laboratory research in order to improve efficiency


Today we have a wide range of technologies for obtaining highly efficient products from peat and sapropel, which are in demand in various sectors of the national economy. Namely, in agriculture, in fish farming, in reclamation, in the production of sorbents, in road construction, in metallurgy, for drilling and grouting solutions, as well as in pharmaceuticals, medicine and cosmetology


All stages of production of our products on our technological line are resource-saving, and the deeper the redistribution, the wider the range of products, more significant savings in raw materials, energy resources and labor costs per unit of production

Research results

The concentrate increases the number of microorganisms in the soil that decompose poorly soluble mineral and organic phosphorus compounds. After the application of the concentrate, the soil supply with assimilable nitrogen reserves improves: the number of ammonifying bacteria increases 3-5 times, in some cases a tenfold increase in ammonifiers was recorded; nitrifying bacteria - 3-7 times. Due to the improvement of the living conditions of free-living bacteria, when the concentrate is added, their ability to fix molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere increases almost 10 times

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The products we offer for the restoration of soil fertility and plant growth activators are the only ones in the world that have the most complete set of useful properties, according to which the existing soil conditioners are evaluated. Download our brochure and you will receive more information.



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